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At Just Plan Books we’re passionate about planning and stationery. Our paper planners cover a range of different subjects to aid in various areas of your life. From recording your favourite recipes in our blank recipe books, to planning your year with our traditional diaries, we have you covered.

Years of our own searching for ‘planner peace’ inspire our planners – along with many lost recipes and circumstances where a traditional diary just wasn’t enough.  We realised that part of the problem was that one size doesn’t fit all when attempting to organise your life.  Larger projects or collections of recipes, for instance, often require their own book to both access them easily and to avoid carrying around a bulky diary.  Separating out these larger projects declutters your diary making it easier to use, and you know exactly where to look for your recipes, ideas for your novel, Christmas plans, etc..

We started designing stationery for personal use back in 2012 after struggling to organise our recipes. Creating stationery quickly became addictive, and our own planning system was born that finally worked for us. Friends and family soon started asking for copies and we realised sharing our work could benefit others too. We started publishing on Amazon in 2017 with our first book being a recipe journal. 

We’re Luddites at heart but also toy with digital planning in our efforts to go paperless. We’re currently creating a range of printable and digital PDF versions of our books available via our Etsy store.

When not designing new planners, we love nothing more than curling up with a book or playing with art supplies – often the inspiration for new patterns or cover designs.  We also love cooking, gardening, and writing.

Art, crafts, books, and planning have always been central to our lives, so we love combining these things to create our books.  We hope that in doing so we also help you find your own version of ‘planner peace’

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