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The Colouring Journal: Organise Colour Swatches and Streamline Your Colouring Experience

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As a dedicated colourist, you’re well aware of the frustration that comes with disorganised colour swatches and scattered scraps of paper. These haphazardly scattered pieces not only create a mess but also hinder your creative process. The Colouring Journal understands this challenge and presents itself as the ultimate tool to bring order and organisation to your colouring journey, ensuring that your colour swatches are neatly organised, easily accessible, and immensely helpful. Think of it like a colour swatch journal, ready to take all your favourite combinations and colours so they’re easily accessible when you need them.

Gone are the days of rummaging through piles of loose papers or struggling to find the perfect colour combination. The Colouring Journal acts as a dedicated repository for all your colouring supplies, providing a designated space to keep your swatches in one convenient place. No longer will you find yourself frantically searching for that specific hue or blend. With The Colouring Journal, you can effortlessly locate your colour swatches, avoiding the chaos of scattered papers and bringing a sense of order to your creative process.

Say goodbye to the endless cycle of retesting colours and blends. The Colouring Journal’s specialised features, such as the single-sided Colour Charts and Blending Charts, are designed to help you avoid wasting time and effort. These carefully crafted charts offer an organised canvas for testing and recording your colouring supplies, blends, and background ideas. With these comprehensive tools at your disposal, you can quickly identify the perfect shade or blend without having to repeat previous tests. The Colouring Journal empowers you to work more efficiently, ensuring that your time and energy are focused on unleashing your artistic potential.

The Colouring Journal not only provides a platform for testing and refining your colouring skills but also offers a holistic approach to organising your artistic journey. Let’s delve into the myriad features that make this journal an invaluable tool for every colourist.

  1. Colouring Tracker: Cultivating a regular colouring habit can foster mindfulness and relaxation. The Colouring Journal introduces a dedicated Colouring Tracker, allowing you to document and track your daily colouring sessions. By simply colouring in a box for each corresponding day, you can visually monitor your progress, establish a routine, and witness the positive impact of consistent creativity.
  2. Colouring Book Library: With an extensive collection of colouring books, it can be challenging to keep track of your favourites and easily reference them when needed. The Colouring Journal addresses this by incorporating a comprehensive Colouring Book Library section. This enables you to record and rate each book, providing a personalised catalog of your cherished colouring treasures. Whether you want to revisit a specific theme or explore new inspirations, this library ensures effortless access to your preferred resources.
  3. Colouring Log: The journey of a colouring project often extends beyond a single sitting. To capture the progress and celebrate the completion of each endeavour, the Colouring Log becomes an invaluable tool. This section allows you to meticulously record your works in progress, noting the dates of commencement and completion for each project. By tracking your achievements, you can reminisce about your creative process, share your accomplishments, and witness your artistic growth over time.
  4. Colour Charts: Finding the perfect colour for a specific project can sometimes be challenging. The Colouring Journal recognises this hurdle and addresses it with dedicated single-sided Colour Charts. These charts serve as an organised canvas for testing and recording all of your colouring supplies. By utilising these comprehensive charts, you can identify and compare various hues, ensuring you always find the perfect shade for your next masterpiece.
  5. Blending Charts: The art of blending colours is a captivating technique that can elevate your colouring to new heights. The Colouring Journal provides a specialised section for Blending Charts, enabling you to experiment with blends and background ideas while keeping a record of your successful combinations. These charts act as a visual reference, allowing you to refine your blending skills and unlock captivating special effects in your artwork.
  6. Colour Palettes: Creating cohesive and harmonious artworks relies on the thoughtful selection and combination of colours. To facilitate this process, the Colouring Journal incorporates dedicated Colour Palettes. These palettes offer a space to keep track of the colours used in your works in progress, serving as a reference for future projects. By documenting and preserving your combination ideas, you can effortlessly reproduce successful palettes or explore new ones that capture your artistic vision.

A standout feature of The Colouring Journal is its dedicated Colour Palettes section. This invaluable resource allows you to keep track of the colours used in your works in progress and serves as a reference for future projects. No longer will you struggle to remember the combinations that worked beautifully in the past. By meticulously documenting and preserving your colour palettes, you can easily reproduce successful combinations and explore new ones that align with your artistic vision. The Colouring Journal becomes your trusted companion, guiding you towards creating cohesive and harmonious artworks.

Embracing the organisational features of The Colouring Journal offers you a comprehensive and fulfilling artistic journey. From documenting your colour swatches and blends to tracking your works in progress, this journal elevates your colouring experience to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness. Bid farewell to the scattered pieces of paper that make no sense or hinder your creativity. With The Colouring Journal as your ally, you can enjoy the thrill of creating art without the burden of disorganisation.

Unlock the potential of a tidy and streamlined colouring process with The Colouring Journal. It is more than just a book—it is your gateway to an organised and harmonious world of colours. Explore the possibilities, organise your creative endeavours, and experience the joy of colouring in a way that inspires and empowers you.

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colouring journal

The Colouring Journal

New & Updated Version for 2022!

The Colouring Journal is a book designed to help you keep track of all your art supplies, test out blends and backgrounds, and store colour combinations for future projects.

Use the charts and journal pages to record details about your supplies, work in progress, and finished pieces.

Plus, there are special sections for tracking books and other resources.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this book will help you stay organized and prepared for your next colouring adventure!

The Colouring Companion

The first edition of our colouring journal designed for colourists to keep track of supplies and test colours and blends.

It includes a colouring tracker, space to list the books you own, a colouring log to record works in progress, colour charts for recording swatches, blending charts, and colour palettes. 

With all of these features, you can be sure to find the perfect colour combination for your next project.

colouring journal
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